Tang: Your Contract Caterer in Birmingham, West Midlands

At Tang, we want to create food that excites and delights, all within an efficient service solution that works for your needs. Based as a contract caterer in Birmingham, West Midlands, we have extensive experience in contract catering. With this, we can offer innovative dining solutions to meet your needs. We can provide your staff, clients and customers with fresh, contemporary and tasty food.

Delivering delicious food since 1997, Tang Food is an independent business. With an excellent team of dedicated chefs, friendly serving staff and dedicated planners make us the ideal contract caterer in Birmingham, West Midlands and beyond for your organisation.

We firmly believe that a decent meal can make you feel good. Tang can help your organisation by offering delicious food with a convenient service solution. This can help to improve morale, productivity, motivation and keep your staff well-fed and happy. By making sure that we provide the best staff dining experience, we make sure that all of our clients are happy. We firmly think that a good meal can help contribute to the success of the organisation.

Taking care of your office café in Birmingham, West Midlands

At Tang Food, we do not just provide exciting menus and tasty dishes for your staff to enjoy. We can take care of the whole catering process for you. From designing your kitchen and creating your dining area, restaurant and café, we can help with the entire process to make it much less daunting and stressful for you.

With extensive experience in onsite cafes as a contract caterer in Birmingham, West Midlands and beyond, we can use our knowledge and expertise to plan the best onsite café based on your staff and the needs of your organisation. Our experience in kitchen and restaurant layout, we know how best to maximise space. With this, we ensure that meal times run with efficiency and ease for all involved. This means your staff have the time to relax and enjoy a nutritious meal before getting back to work.

Creative, wholesome food from Tang contract caterer in Birmingham West Midlands

At Tang Foods, we stay ahead of the latest dietary and food trends. This means that we can meet the needs of specific allergy and nutritional requirements. We make sure that our menus offer something to suit the needs of your staff. From gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian and lactose-free, we make sure that all of your team can be catered for with nutritious and creative menu choices.

What’s more, Tang does not just offer the safe, repetitive choices for your office café in Birmingham, West Midlands. Our innovative and creative chefs work hard to produce exciting daily menus. We strive to deliver fresh, wholesome food that is ready to go.

With our trusted local suppliers, we have the opportunity to create contemporary cuisine using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Furthermore, we make sure to adapt dishes to meet the needs of our clients. Often  our clients want food that is convenient, easy to grab and go with minimal packaging. As well as sourcing the best ingredients of the highest quality, we also actively seek out sustainable packaging that is minimal for our clients and as eco-friendly as possible to reduce the impact on the planet.

Exceptional customer service

At Tang, one of the aspects that we are most proud of is that we are still working with the same portfolio of clients and have an impressive 100% retention rate. Maintaining our high and exacting standards is a priority for Tang, your trusted contract caterer in Birmingham, West Midlands. We never let a client down.

We also make sure we maintain our high standards through rigorous compliance accreditation. At Tang Foods we are both ISO 9001 and 14001 to show our commitment to quality management and environmental management. We also strictly comply with OHSAS 18001 for health and safety management. By following processes and having critical control measures in place, we make sure that we maintain high levels of consistent service so that your organisation is never disappointed.

While we base Tang Foods, your contract caterer in Birmingham, West Midlands, we serve clients in a broad area. If you would like to find out more about the daily nutritious menus that we provide or how we can help your organisation to run an office or onsite café seamlessly, then get in touch.

At Tang Foods, we know that every client and every organisation is different. As we always focus on the client’s requirements, we create bespoke dining solutions to fit your needs. Let us know how Tang Foods can help your catering needs by calling 0845 680 8589.